Type 2 Diabetes
Can Be Reversed

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Join the Type 2 Diabetes Revolution. Our physician-led, lifestyle-first program addresses Type 2 diabetes as a reversible condition in a systematic manner with a dedicated team to guide you every step of the way.
Lose weight
Reduce insulin resistance
Reduce or eliminate medications
Restore normal blood sugar
Restore good health
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How it works

Our 12-Week Program

Our program is 100% virtual. You can access sessions and materials from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Physician Visits

Consultations with our physicians are done by video call, and can be completed from any computer, tablet, or phone.

12 Virtual Group Sessions

In groups of 10-15, you will attend weekly virtual sessions with a physician where you can ask questions and hear about the successes and challenges of others.

Videos & Weekly Lessons

Watch videos explaining core concepts, print out reference guides and cheatsheets, and complete ongoing learning exercises.
How often do you sleep 7-8 hours?
Every day
Most days
3-4 nights per week
Less than 3 nights per week


Sleep Score

Self-Assessments & Exercises

Answer questions and complete exercises to show where you’re doing well and where you need to focus.
Insulin Resistance
Pancreatic Function

Personal Health Reports

Different people are, well, different. Understand what your lab results and other markers show about your current health.
Who We Are
Our Doctors
Your LifestyleRx physician will complement your existing primary care or endocrinologist by guiding you through lifestyle changes designed to improve your blood sugars.
Dr. John Abraham
Family Physician, Missouri
Judy Willis
Registered Dietitian, Washingon
Dr. Carina Hopen
Family Physician, Washington
Dr. Brendan Byrne
Chief Medical Officer
Diabetes Reversal

How Does Diabetes Reversal Work?

Our program is based on clinical and scientific research conducted in the last decade, which has demonstrated that Type 2 Diabetes is a disease driven by two interrelated cycles that can be reversed.
We break down and simplify the science of Type 2 Diabetes progression and reversal here:
Our Approach

4+2 Strategy

Our program will teach you the 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Strategy, focusing on 6 key lifestyle behaviours, involving diet, sleep, light exercise, stress reduction, and more to manage insulin and restore fat burning.

4+2 is Different

Our approach asks you to make small steady changes that you can sustain. Better is more important than perfect.

No Calorie Counting

We focus on what to eat and when to eat, not how much you eat.

Common Sense & Whole Foods

We won’t ask you to put butter in your coffee, down nutritional shakes, or do anything else extreme. We apply only common sense & whole food principles.

Don’t Feel Hungry All the Time

Our bodies can naturally manage our appetite, as long as we feed them foods they recognize.

Moderate Exercise Only

Whether it’s walking, riding a bike, or running, we only ask you to do exercise you’re comfortable with and can maintain.

Changes You Can Sustain

We only ask you to make changes that you can sustain — eating foods you will enjoy and eating enough to feel full.

Learn Why, As Well As How

It’s easier to make changes and sustain them if you know why you’re doing them. We teach you the rationale for each change we ask you to make.
Our Results

Sustainable Outcomes

Our program only asks you to make changes that you can sustain.


Lost 50 lbs
Prior to the program I was feeling quite hopeless. I had no energy. I felt terrible.
I feel now that I have the tools to take control of diabetes rather than diabetes taking control of me. [LifestyleRx] is not a program where they put unobtainable goals or unsustainable restrictions on you. It's a program that teaches you the how's and why's of diabetes - of your diabetes - and gives you the tools and the empowerment for you to take control of the disease.
By the numbers


of patients reduce their A1c


average A1c change


achieve A1c under 6.5%

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